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Some links before a break

I never thought I would see Tim O’Neill answer the question of ‘who is stronger?’ so central to Marvel zombies, but he provides clear and sensible answers to the eternal problem. Most bizarre, and definitive.

Dave Campbell has posted online the first issue of the new comic he has written and co-created, called Templar. The art is very polished and the story is intriguing and interesting; sci-fi versions of the Knights Templar fighting werewolves and zombies. Go check it out.

Tom Collins provides a list of his ten most rewatchable movies, an interesting twist on the classic list post, because it is more personal. Some interesting choices and thoughts behind it; I will provide my list when I return.

One of the films that I will include on my list is Enter The Dragon, a film I have watched many times. So I was dismayed by news in Variety, via Filmstalker, that they were going to remake it. Cue much dismay, angst, gnashing of teeth and bewailing, ‘Why, dear God? Why?’ However, on reading the report, it turns out not to be a true remake, just stealing the known name and making a new film. Phew.

Empire magazine, greatest film magazine in the world, has finally got its act together and started a proper blog (rather than their feeble attempt of a blog on MySpace, with Chris Hewitt writing for a short while and then ignoring it and then posting again and then giving up. Now where does that sound familiar …?) and looks like it will be interesting. I hope they keep it up.

I will be out of blogging action for a couple of weeks, after which I will return with some reviews of graphic novels from my great local library and notes on a plethora of DVDs I’ve watched recently. I’ll see you when I return.

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