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Commencing clandestine criticism

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here, you will find commentary on what I call my 3 Cs: cinema, comedy and comic books. There will be links to news, other reviews and pretty pictures, as well as some meandering on other, unrelated topics, as I believe is mandatory for a blog.

Why Clandestine Critic, I hear nobody ask apart from myself? Well, a few reasons. One, I like the sound of it (Clandestine Reviewer doesn’t have the same oomph, even if it might be more appropriate.) Two, I am a sucker for alliteration (see title for this post, for example). Three, it reflects the nature of criticism, infiltrating the source while remaining behind the art itself (if that doesn’t sound too pretentious.)

Finally, the name pays tribute to one of my favourite comic book series by a favourite creator – The ClanDestine by Alan Davis. It only lasted for a handful of issues back in 1994 (due to various reasons, which I’ll go into when I write about it at some point) but I’ve always remembered it fondly and deservedly. And what is a blog good for if not a soap box for someone’s obscure passion?

Power of blogger. Activate!

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  1. Greg

    ClanDestine … What a cool comic. Why does Alan Davis need to slum on the X-Men when he could be doing ClanDestine? A sad comment on comic books.

    Howdy, neighbor! If you’re in the mood, visit me over at my blog. If I ever figure out the links section, I’ll have to put you up there (not that anyone reads my blog, but what the hell, right?).

  2. David

    Thanks for the comments, Greg. True, Alan Davis is slumming it, but it pays the bills, and he gets to do what he wants in the work-for-hire, which seems enough to keep him happy. I’d love for him to get back to the ClanDestine, but characters that haven’t been established for years in the collective psyche just don’t have a chance in the current comics climate. Shame.

    I’ll have to link to your page, when I get it sorted; we seem to be on a similar wavelength. Any blog that is named for a Latin quote deserves nothing less. If I may be allowed to mangle Field of Dreams, if you post, and they will come.

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