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Where To Find Me On The Internet

I suppose you could consider it ironic for a chap who hasn’t been blogging for five months to talk about the other places you won’t find him regularly online, but I’m sure I don’t see it that way …

Clandestine Critic – Obviously. This is my main outlet for recording my brain. It’s intended as a record of my pop-culture consumption, but may include other brain outputs. My aim is to post daily.

Clandestine Critic Tumblog – this blog started out as a way to play with Tumblr, and is dedicated to images: comic book covers, interior art, film posters, cool geek-related visuals. Although I wasn’t writing for long stretches of time, I seemed to keep up a daily schedule of posting pictures I like, and it’s been nice finding new Tumblr blogs of a similar persuasion (especially as you can follow people on your own dashboard). You can visit there for a new picture each day that represents something I like, even if I can’t necessarily express why I like it in words.

Twitter – I’m sure I’m not using Twitter as I’m supposed to (according to posts about how Twitter should be used to sell yourself, maintain your brand, be an expert in your field, etc.), but I do like it for capturing brain farts during the day, talking nonsense, occasional retweeting.

Clandestine Links – this is my link blog, of a sort, but not exactly. It just captures things I don’t want to forget or I thought were cool. It covers a bizarre diversity of areas of interest, so I doubt it would coincide with anyone’s tastes, so I include it here for completeness.

I am on Facebook, but I’ve never really got into using it very well or very often; however, complete honesty means I include it here.

Email – my Gmail account is the one that is on all the time if you need to contact me: davidnorman at gmail dot com.

And that’s all you need to know about me on the internet. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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