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Dr Who, Feel The Force and some links

Stop hounding me for content, you fiends!

(I wish.)

I couldn’t get to the comic shop this week, because I was donating my kidneys, spleen, pancreas, liver, lungs and heart to poor sick children, or something, so no comic reviews from me today. Go search the lovely blogosphere if that is what your heart desires.

While recovering from impossibly saintly organ donation, I watched the second part of the Cybermen story in Doctor Who. This has definitely been the weakest so far: it was stretched to fill two episodes, just so we could have the cool cliffhanger of old; Roger Lloyd-Pack was hamming it something chronic as the villain; the emotional scene between Rose and Mickey at the end was let down by the fact that they can’t act; and the whole thing kept on reminding me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m not saying that Buffy is the origins of all good fantasy/sci-fi television, but it is certainly the role model for the new Doctor Who, in its approach and attitude. The recent story set in the school, which had the wonderfully emotive and resonant aspect of the Sarah Jane plot, had a main plot that felt like an unused idea from Buffy. It wasn’t helped by having Anthony Head in it. Then, the Cybermen story felt like it was a two-episode attempt to justify Mickey in the vein of the ‘Zeppo’ episode of Buffy, where Xander finds some self-respect among the people with powers. Ah well, hope they have something better next week.

Talking about television, I meant to mention Feel The Force.

I try to sample new British comedy. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is poor. And sometimes it is rubbish, like BBC2’s Feel The Force, about two inept women in the police. It makes The Thin Blue Line look like a work of genius.

Michelle Gomez from Green Wing and ‘I. Want. A. Fucking. Baby!’ woman from ManStrokeWoman are the two crap coppers in question. The former wants to be a good cop but isn’t, while the latter is genuinely useless and is looking for a man. Together they are a comedy black hole, sucking in the laughter and making you feel slightly sad.

I have to confess to laughing once, but it was a fart joke, and I am a heterosexual man, so it’s genetic that I find fart jokes funny.

The BBC must be rather desperate if they produced this drivel, just because it was written by a former writer from the Smack The Pony team, who has turned a sketch into a 30-minute sitcom by chucking in the hilarity of murdered people. Flimsy would be a compliment.

The most memorable thing about the whole venture? The theme song. ‘Whoo oo oo ooo Can you feel the force?’ I couldn’t get the bloody tune out of my head for a week …


Finally, some link dumping.

I can’t believe there is going to be a Public Enemy comic. The revolution will not be televised, it will be represented in four colours and grids. Hopefully, it will have a whole lot of Flava, booooyyyyyyyy.

I’ve never tried the darling of the blogosphere, Scott Pilgrim, so I can enjoy a free comic at Newsarama. I haven’t made up my mind about it, but it looks okay.

Inspired by Andrew Wheeler’s post about the top 50 Marvel characters, the Great Curve are going for the top 50 DC characters, with other bloggers getting in on the act. Sounds interesting, even though I am not sufficiently geeky to be able to join in, being an infrequent visitor to the DCU. Still, I look forward to the result.

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