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New Year’s Resolution

Admit it – you thought I wouldn’t come back. Hell, even I thought I wouldn’t.

I have an unofficial tradition of posting regularly for a spell, before something breaks the run and I stop blogging for a few months (with no explanation). I’m sure that’s a familiar pattern around the internet. The reasons are boring and I’ve probably written about them before, and you don’t care anyway – which is your right entirely and I don’t blame you.

So why have I come back again? Haven’t I got the message yet? Apparently not – because here I go again.

You see, I can’t stop coming back to this blog because I just want to write my thoughts down. I used to think it was about sharing it with people, but it seems it is more that I want a record of the things I’ve seen/read/done, and the occasional reaction to something at the time. When I wasn’t writing the blog, my brain would still form posts in my head about what I would like to say – it wouldn’t let me stop, not really.

Therefore, this blog will just be a record of my brain (sort of) – no more attempts at ‘reviews’ (the film reviews were all right, but the comic book stuff never really came together), just notes and thoughts on the pop culture I’ve consumed, or whatever is on my brain at the time. This may be boring to anybody else, so I apologise in advance.

To compensate for nobody wanting to reading this blog, and to help myself get used to blogging again, I have decided to post something every day. Nothing like overcompensating for an absence with a ridiculous challenge to myself, eh?

I’ll be writing about all the weekly comics I’ve bought since I stopped blogging, trade paperbacks, library trade paperbacks, all the films I’ve seen at the cinema (one a week at least), some DVDs and TV, the books I’ve read – you get the idea. These will be way past their sell-by date, but that’s not important; it’s something I want to do.

This may be a little clichéd, resolving to post daily at the beginning of a new year, but I’ve never claimed to be original. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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