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Assorted comics items

Lovely comics I shall be buying this week:

Hellboy: The Island #2
Astro City: The Dark Age #2
Legion of Super-Heroes #8
Pulse #10
Runaways #6

I’m not sure if I should be waiting for Astro City: The Dark Age to be collected. It’s going to read better in trade form, it’ll be cheaper and I don’t think I’ll be missing much by not getting the singles. Pulse is on probation; I think I only keep it going because Bendis is writing, Lark is drawing and Jessica Jones is a great character, but a lot of goodwill has been lost due to crossover nonsense, and this House of M tie-in won’t help.

Comic I might pick up:

Hero Squared #1

The thought of Giffen & DeMatteis not having editorial constraint does sound enticing.

Comics I want to read but will wait for the inevitable TPB:

JLA Classified #10
Losers #26
Silent Dragon #1

All Ellis material gets collected, I think it’s in his contract, so I’ll get this story then, when they’ll hopefully got rid of the fugly computer generated covers. I’ve already switched to TPB for The Losers, which is perfect in one sitting, although I miss being current on this excellent series. I am sorely tempted to get Silent Dragon, as it presses all the right buttons and has a perfect creative team, but I must be strong and wait for the collection.


Some comic blogging linking:

Brian at Comics Should Be Good writes about Secret Wars II in these three posts, which talk a whole lot of comics that are NOT good. (In the comments, Tim points out his accurate and acerbic analysis of the series here, scroll all the way down, which has the added nostalgia value of showing a lot of the covers.) It’s rather scary how familiar it all is, even though I no longer own the majority of the comics. It’s sad that I have read nearly all of them in the first place but I had just discovered shops that existed JUST TO SELL COMICS, glee, and looking through the back issue bins caused me to pick up this hideous company-wide crossover at a very impressionable time for me, in full-on Marvel zombie mode. Still, it was enjoyable reading about them all over again, even if Brian took a roundabout route to come to the conclusion that they were mostly awful comics.

Scott at Polite Dissent is putting up a list of the Top 10 Comic Book Doctors Who Actually Practice Medicine, and I can’t wait to see who is number 1. Scott is doing a fab job, and I particularly like his Comic Book Drug Reference, because of the combination of real and comic book medicine.

Finally, because I was on hiatus when it happened, but just wanted to say what a good job Alan is doing with Comic Book Galaxy. He’s got himself some great writers from the world of comic blogs, such as Johnny Bacardi and Mike Sterling and Clandestine Chum Logan Polk, to make it an even more indispensable site than it was before.

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  1. Greg

    David, David, David – you trade whore, you. Astro City is good, I gave up on The Pulse and so should you (you know you want to!), Hero Squared is good, JLA Classified is okay, and Silent Dragon is very good and is very pretty. Don’t wait for the trades! Don’t do it!

  2. David

    Greg, don’t you think I agonise over this? I do, honest! I love the floppy format, I really do, I just can’t justify how much I spend on them. I don’t know how you afford to buy so many comics; I’m always amazed at the number of books you have to review over at Comics Should Be Good 🙂

    If I know something is going to be collected, thus giving me the opportunity to save some vital pennies, I should be allowed to, shouldn’t I? Please? I mean, I know I’m going to get Silent Dragon eventually….

    And I’m not a trade whore; I’ve got over 5,000 individual comics in my collection, in a small flat, much to the chagrin of my long-suffering girlfriend…

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