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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… bizarre

I didn’t go to San Diego, but I always get a laugh out of the photos that come out of there every year (especially the ones sent to Warren Ellis) but this picture is THE greatest image ever, and is my Something Borrowed.

For Something New, my selection of comics coming out this week, as provided by NCRL:

Authority: Revolution #10
Ex Machina #13
Daredevil #75
Ultimates 2 #7

Brubaker’s Authority started slowly, but has moved up a gear nicely, to be expected from the man who wrote the double-dealing in Sleepers so well. Ex Machina is good comics; ’nuff said. Daredevil has taken an unusual detour with the Decalogue arc, but the last page of the last issue, with Murdock appearing, showed promise of a decent ending. And, yes, I’m still buying Ultimates, but more for the Hitch artwork than Millar writing.

There are two more books about which I am unsure but are eager to be read, waving their metaphorical hands in the air like school children eager to attract teacher’s attention with an urgency to use the toilet:

Defenders #1 – the super-hero comedy dream team of Giffen, DeMatteis & Maguire lovingly mock the silliest excuse for a collection of super-heroes. Should I singles it or wait for the trade?

Silencers v2 #1 – I’ve never read any of the previous comics, but the concept of super-powered mob enforcers is an idea too intriguing not to attract my attention. I’ll see what fellow bloggers think about it and have a read through it in the shop (What? They get a ton of my money, they can’t deny me the occasional skim …)

For Something Old, a quick look at last week’s comic purchases:

100 Bullets #62
Reading 100 Bullets in the floppy format is both rewarding and frustrating. I have to know what is happening in the (almost) monthly installments, but you lose some of the strands as you try to keep up with the almost impossible task of understanding everything that’s going on. Still, Azzarello and Risso create such perfect packages of story for you to enjoy that you don’t mind that you’re missing something, which is high praise indeed.

Desolation Jones #2
I can’t add anything better than this post from Mark (who gets extra points for his blog title riffing on Elizabeth Braddock’s catchphrase), other to say that this could be some almost pure Ellis, beautifully delivered by Williams’ haunting artwork, and the emotional core of this issue looks like it will be a touchstone for the series. Excellent stuff.

Fables #39
Normally, a ‘Meanwhile …’ issue might be a slow tale to allow you to take a breath in the middle of a storyline. Not so for Fables, which packs in a lot of plot development, with the addition of Mowgli to the Fables world and revealing a traitor. Medina’s art is top-notch and Willingham maintains the quality of this title, another book I have to read in the singles format.

Seven Soldiers: Guardian #3
Although I liked the idea of the world in miniature as the basis for this issue, allowing us to look at the private life of Guardian, it seemed quite pedestrian for Morrison, which is only because he himself has set the bar so high. Hopefully, this will have a strong finish, with the final page and the hint of its link to the overall story of the Seven Soldiers.

Gravity #2
The cover of this comic comes close to the infamous ‘Hulk Sodomise Puny Spider-Man’ cover of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2, which I don’t know if it is deliberate, as the story has the feel of a Spider-Man tale and references them with a throwaway line. This book is quite charming, from the spot-on writing to the perfectly matched artwork, and I would love to see it do well, even if it probably doesn’t have a chance. Enjoy while you can.

Finally, here’s Something Bizarre. I’d never seen it before my girlfriend pointed it out to me; Mad Merchandise You Wouldn’t Believe – Sushi and Dim Sum USB Sticks!

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