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Apparently, my jobs wants me to do WORK …

I need to read the small print but it appears that my employers require me to work for my salary. Outrageous. In lieu of a post containing my unfettered ramblings, I thought I’d rely on the link-apalooza post to keep me regular, as it were …

Is this the new Spider-Man costume? If true, it’s quite garish, and I’d like to know who is responsible. Are Marvel only doing this for the (small) amount of press it might generate, prior to them bringing back the old costume via ‘popular demand’? Personally, I always liked the black costume …

In the sort of decision that a fan of the books could have made years ago, Torso is to be directed by David Fincher (yay!) but to be scripted by Ehren Kruger (boo).

Talking of films, the Clerks 2 teaser is online. Rosario Dawson just radiates sexuality in this; I mean, she’s obviously attractive, but she is droolingly hot in the trailer.

Talking about creators with a strong net presence, the best creator–creator interview I’ve read can be found here between Oeming and Warren Ellis; if you haven’t tried Fell (and you really should, as it was one of the best first issues of last year, as I said before and will say again), then you can read the whole first issue online.

Talking of referencing my own posts, Neilalien mentions me in his annual Dr Strange awards, and I’m such a whore when it comes to pimping myself.

Talking of pimping yourself, Robert Kirkman tells wannabe comic book writers the truth in a recent Buy My Books.

Talking of CBR columnists, Augie has the inside scoop on the newest storage system for your comic books, solving the problem of having to lug boxes to get to the ones at the bottom of the piles (I have over 15 boxes at the moment, much to my girlfriend’s chagrin, so I’m always on the lookout for something like this).

Talking of buying comics, Chris at 2 Guys Buying Comics (even though they have three contributors) writes a very funny letter for Tony Stark to the folks at Marvel, regarding his representation in comic books at present.

And, with my link-linking abilities finally defeated, I just wanted to mention the Comic Book Urban Legends feature at Comics Should Be Good. The good folks over there produce many a fine post but this regular item is their most consistently excellent

And I am spent. Back to work.

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