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Still without books, so here are some links

Lots of film-related comic book news at Empire. I like Favreau, but I’m not sure he has the visual styling to bring Iron Man successfully to life. And, please, please, not Vince Vaughan for Tony Stark. I like Vaughan, but he is not Iron Man.

I hadn’t heard about Edgar Wright handling Ant Man; that sounds a very odd combination. I know he’s a comic book fan, but his sensibility doesn’t match with the standard superheroics of Scott Lang.

I really can’t see Captain America working on film, unless it’s a period piece, but I was never his biggest fan, so I don’t have the emotional investment.

Nick Fury has potential, and has to be better than the Hoff version.

I’m curious about how they will do Thor, as this has the greatest scope for fucking it up. Still, my love for the Simonson era means I would love for it to reach the screen, if they can create his work on celluloid.

Dave has his favourite X-Men team up, which is almost impossible to disagree with, and shows when he started to read superhero comics, although I was never a big fan of Rogue. And, yes, Nightcrawler is the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Not sure about his selection of characters that Dave would write given the chance, though …

This is a list of Jog’s excellent analysis of the Seven Soldiers series, that makes me weep with bitter tears at my inadequacy compared with his intelligent critique. Found via ADD’s blog.

Finally, because I am a pervert, and because it is funny and well-drawn, the PVP guest strip I can’t seem to quit:

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend; I, on the otherhand, will be sorting out boxes …

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