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Good Blog Comes Good

Good news, everyone! Comics Should Be Good is now part of the CBR family. Congratulations to the chaps at CSBG; they are one of the most interesting, consistent and genial blogs around, especially as they are a large group blog. I started reading them when the prolific Greg Burgas started writing for them (have you seen how much he writes on his own blog, Delenda Est Carthago? Where does he find the time?), and the site has been a regular ever since.

It is an interesting development – is this the future for comic blogs? Becoming assimilated into the larger news sites? The redesign for CSBG is very nice, improving on their very basic original Blogger template no end, and CBR hosting should mean a solid footing on the web, not having to suffer the blips that Blogger users have to suffer. Will the link to a site that makes money have any affect? Do the people feel different now that the site is run (not owned?) by CBR? Will the ads become annoying? (Probably not.)

It’s nice if the bloggers there pick up a little bit of change when people click on links; a small reward for hard work, even if that wasn’t the reason they did it in the first place. Not having the blogspot name at the end must be nice; there are certain sites where one forgets that it is hosted for free via Blogger (Diamond Geezer, or the low-end design but high-quality content of Dave’s Long Box, for example), but should the owning of the name and domain be the ultimate goal? Or is it a by-product of success? Or a personal desire to own the name of your own site? I’ve often thought about it myself, but worry that my lack of knowledge will screw it up; having someone else responsible for the techy side was always one of the attractions of starting up on Blogger.

I look forward to continued quality from the CSBG team, and feel a small twinge of jealousy for their good fortune and their talents and drive that force them to continually produce and share their passion for comics.

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