End Of The Week Equals Links

End Of The Week Equals Links

Verily, doth my head acheth, so links must sooth mine furrowed brow.

A belated Happy Blogiversary to Mark; one year down, many more to go. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Smith seems to go out of his way to show that he is just like us (apart from being richer and more famous), as he blogs about the triviality of nose picking and his history of anal sex.

Tom’s latest objection of affection, in his sidebar update, is Lisa Edelstein, and he is so right about her being smoking hot (we just had the show where House had to inject her backside – oh, dear Lord, what a lucky man). Which leads him on to say that he is currently reading Hugh Laurie’s The Gun Seller, which I haven’t read in 10 years, which is when it was first published. A cracking read, and it’s a shame that his clinical depression meant he never got round to writing the screenplay.

Empire bases a news item using this Newsarama post [EDIT: dead link] as a source (which is bizarre, because I thought they only used official news outlets, like Variety and Hollywood Reporter, when I did my week of online work experience with them), informing us of the fact that David Goyer is set to write a treatment for Thor. Not sure about this – unless they capture the magic of Simonson’s run, I can’t see it working. Also in the comic book/film overlap, we have the news that the Silver Surfer will be a CGI creation in the second Fantastic Four film. I think this is a great idea, and is the only way to get across the otherworldiness of Norrin Radd (I didn’t want to see a naked man in silver skin paint).

Warren Ellis went to Heroes Con last week, from which he is only now recovering, but it seems that he was the person people wanted to see, based on the coverage he got – two articles on the Wizard site and one [EDIT: dead link] from Newsarama – that are just about him (even if it meant he had to confirm that Fell wasn’t being cancelled). This is solely because he gives good soundbytes: (about Nextwave) ‘You’ve read the book,’ said Ellis. ‘Quite clearly I’m not thinking about anything. I’m just spouting utter f***ing gibberish onto the page.’

Finally, when in doubt, always post a pretty picture. Here is the teaser for the Brian Vaughan-written Dr Strange mini-series (found via Neilalien, obviously), which looks exceedingly cool – I’m looking forward to this one:

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  1. tomthedog

    Clinical depression? Hugh Laurie? I did not know that. Seems like it would be so fun to be him.

    And yes, even though I posted a new Object of My Affection today (Jenna Fischer from the American adaptation of The Office, which I hope you are aware has grown into a program equally as excellent as the original British version), yes, Lisa E. is still on my mind, and worthy of worship. That episode of House you mention — BEST. EPISODE. EVER!!

  2. David

    Apparently his mother suffered from it, which is what led him to get it diagnosed properly (after bouts of black moods). I agree that it seems like fun to be him.

    Shame that Lisa E. only lasted four days. The extent of her worthiness of affection is demonstrated by the fact that she can make hi-leg knickers work in the aformentioned Best. Episode. Ever. when I prefer women in strings. Now, that’s what I call sexy!

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