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Comic Book Awesomeness: I Trust Captain Britain

I tend to use this site as a catalogue of the things I have read/seen, in the form of me reviewing them. However, there are other types of post that interrupt the discussion of my entertainment consumption.

This is one of those posts.

Because, when I saw the preview pages of Captain Britain and MI:13 #1 over at CBR, I had to post a particular page on my blog due to its utter awesomeness (see above):

That, my friends, is pure poetry in motion: Captain Britain punching a Skrull’s head off.

To repeat:
Captain Britain. Punching. A Skrull’s Head. Clean Off.

God bless you, Paul Cornell, for writing such a scene, and God bless you, Leonard Kirk, for drawing it so beautifully.

I confess to still being worried for this title, even before it comes out in May, but an image like that should make people sit up and notice. No excessive talking for Captain Britain and team – this is how we deal with alien invasions in the UK. I’ve already pre-ordered my issue; have you?

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