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What I’d Like In 2009

The start of the new year brings about a desire to view the twelve months ahead. In doing so, it also engenders a hope for the what the future will bring. Trying to ignore the economic climate and what it have affect it will have, I wanted to think about positive aspects of upcoming pop culture.

1. I hope the geek films are good

Watchmen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – there are some films that I’m really anticipating but, more importantly, hoping that they are good as well. The trailers all look promising, but we all know how deceptive they can be. People will be looking at box office, but I’ll be looking for quality.

2. I would like a moratorium on ‘event’ comics

Even though the large event crossover comics are doing well for the big two companies, it would be nice if they could hold off on having yet another universe-altering story. Executives only see dollar signs but don’t realise that these should be special – if they continue one after the other, they just become the norm. And, in particular, please stop treating event comic mini-series as trailers for the next event, or part one in the bigger story without letting us know that in advance.

3. I hope comics don’t get affected by the credit crisis

The expense of comic books isn’t far from discussions currently – the creeping up in price of the regular ongoing series to the $4 mark would be bad in normal times, but it seems insane at a time when economies are heading towards recession. I understand that the quality of the creators and the paper and the processes involved are all better than they were, but it’s hard to justify the price increase – and a jump of a third seems inexcusable – for supposed ‘disposable’ entertainment. It makes me nervous for the industry in a time when they should be nervous.

4. I would like Warren Ellis to finish finish/continue some of his books

Desolation Jones, Fell, newuniversal – I would like Ellis to get back to some of his creations and finish the stories. I don’t mind him doing work-for-hire for Marvel, and he is doing creator-owned work elsewhere (FreakAngels, Doktor Sleepless, Anna Mercury, No Hero), but it would rather nice if he could get back to the books that have been waylaid, for whatever reason. Personally, I’d really like to see the continuation of Desolation Jones

5. I hope that new comic book characters succeed

The likes of Blue Beetle and Manhunter at DC or older properties at Marvel such as New Warriors, She-Hulk and New Exiles suggest that, unless it’s one of the big names, you won’t survive very long no matter the quality. The success of the big crossover events and the insecure economic future make this an unlikely possibility, but I can hope.

6. I hope my local library gets even more graphic novels

Since discovering that the London library system allows you to order books from all boroughs on London, I’m able to read a greater number and variety of books than ever before. I love comic books, so the opportunity to read as many as humanly possible (without working in a comic book shop) is a dream come true.

7. I hope to write more

A personal hope, but this is my list. I would like to add more positivity to the blogosphere, as well as trying to generate some more original content. It’s not a New Year’s resolution, just something I would like to happen.

8. I hope the variety and richness of the comic blogosphere keeps expanding

I love reading other people’s views on comics, when done in an interesting and entertaining manner, so I hope the current crop of folks keep on writing. [And it’s great to see the former folk from Blog@Newsarama have set up shop at Comic Book Resources as Robot 6 – good luck to them.]

And that’s the list of hopes for this year, for the moment. No predictions or other new year-related phenomena – just a wish for a good 2009. Hope you have a good one.

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