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Comic Book-Related Birthday Gifts

It was my birthday the other day – I don’t advertise it because it’s not something I do – I had a lovely time, enjoying an extended weekend to fully celebrate the anniversary of my parturition. I’m also very lucky in that my girlfriend, Kim, is comic book friendly and creative, and she made me some lovely gifts (in addition to the other presents she bought), as you can see in the image above.

Aren’t they amazing? On the left is a notebook which she has decorated with a covering of a selection of comic book covers – she picked a random selection from the many I have downloaded. On the right is a specially made Watchmen birthday card: if you enlarge it, you should be able to see that the blood splatter is actually a separate layer on top of the smiley face cover. It really is quite something – and, I should mention if any lawyers from Warner/DC notice, it is a one-off, hand-crafted original that was not made for profit and will never be used to make money.

I know that I have hit the jackpot finding somebody who not only gets me but also enjoys comic books herself – she knows how much Watchmen means to me, even if she hasn’t read it herself. She is the more creative half, as you can see for yourself on her own blog, Crafty Makes [LINK], where she catalogues her many different cards and other hand-made artistic accomplishments. Even though I have been on Blogger for many years now, she has only been blogging her craft creations for less than a year and already has over 150 followers and over 200 subscribers, numbers I can only dream of – I don’t know what I created when I introduced her to blogging, but I’m very happy and proud of what she has accomplished, and I’m very grateful for the creations she makes especially for me. I just hope she enjoys Watchmen when I drag her to see it on Saturday 🙂

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  1. David

    I know, it’s fab, isn’t it? After the film comes out, everyone will want one 🙂

  2. What a fantastic gal that Kim is. Not only is she kind and beautiful but extremely talented too. You picked a good one there (or vice versa !!).

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday David !

    Take care both of you,


    Jo x

  3. David

    I totally agree with your assessment, and I want it known that I did the picking 🙂

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