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Comics I Bought 10 December 2009

Only two comics for this week? Is this a lull before the Christmas storm, or just allowing me to save pennies for Christmas presents?

Doom Patrol #5
The second part of the tie-in to Blackest Night might have more impact if I had more knowledge of Doom Patrol history and the relevance to each of the characters. Giffen does a good job of making it accessible, but I’m not sure if it’s enough. The art is serviceable from Justiano but it doesn’t have that extra element that would make it stand out from DC house style. Similarly, Tim Levins suffers in comparison to Kevin Maguire, whose art was the highlight of the Metal Men second feature – without it, it isn’t quite as sharp and as funny.

The Unwritten #8
This issue of The Unwritten is an interlude in the Tommy Taylor story, where we learn about the two children of the governor of the prison where he is being held – they are big fans of the Tommy Taylor books, believing in the magical world they create, practising spells and painting sigils on their windows. It is something that is encouraged by their father, who allows their playing, believing it is good for them. However, at the end of the issue, they decide they have to help Tommy in the prison, despite the eldest daughter being told to stop the magical antics by their parents after visiting a therapist. It’s hard to tell if this just the build-up to tragedy or a warning in believing in things that aren’t real.

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