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Comics I Bought 17 December 2009

The third week of December, and only three comics for me this time; the comic book companies definitely want me to spend more money at Christmas. Are they mad? What about all the presents I had to buy for other people? My needs have to wait until the new year …

Ex Machina #47
I’m not sure, but I think Tony Harris used a young Jason Bateman as a model for a young Mitchell Hundred. It’s not too distracting – it’s quite cute seeing the young mayor. Anyway, this book is heading towards its conclusion, which means that everything is building towards the finale. Knowing Vaughan, things won’t be completely happy – as he proves with an incident at the end of this issue – but he still finds time for little moments between grown-up brothers, the continued playing of politics in New York, and opportunities for Harris to dazzle with design and great visuals.

Fables #91
‘The great monkey of doom!’ Ah, Fables – you do make me smile. And with so much going on in the story: Gepetto making a power play for the command of Fabletown, the witches counteracting his play, Bufkin and his army launches an attack on Baba Yaga, and the return of a well-known Fable. Willingham writes, Buckingham draws, Fables is good – this is fact, not just opinion.

X-Factor #200
The relaunch of X-Factor – I’m not sure of the numbering, but I’m happy that Marvel is putting some weight behind the title, because it definitely deserves it. Peter David makes a big effort to make this issue reader-friendly and to highlight the strengths of the book. If you laugh at the title of ‘The Invisible Woman Has Vanished’, then you’ll enjoy the rest of the book. The humour comes thick and fast (‘Tell me, Shatterstar: do you like … gladiator movies?’, ‘Are you not entertained?!’), the story about the move back to New York and their first case with the Fantastic Four is strong, yet there is also time to drop in on Siryn, set up a plot for Monet and a great last page with Layla – that’s how to entertain in a special anniversary/relaunch comic book. The rest of the issue has a short story, a guide to each member of X-Factor, and the first issue of Madrox #1, the mini-series that led to this current X-Factor title (I really need to get my hands on that TPB). It’s fully packed and I hope it has increased the visibility of the book and that it gives it the needed shot in the arm.

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