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Comics I Bought 11 March 2010

This project – writing my thoughts on all my entertainments that I didn’t write about at the time – is really beginning to confuse my sense of time, especially when I power through several weeks in the course of a few days. I have no idea in which chronological direction my brain is heading …

Batman and Robin #10
The decision to use different artists for each three-issue stretch of Batman and Robin means that at least it comes out on a very regular basis, which is good. And, apart from the Tan issues, the artists have been good, and Andy Clarke is no different – he’s got a nice, clear line and a straightforward storytelling approach. This is the start of the return of Bruce Wayne, and I love the idea of the clues being left in Wayne Manor being decoded by Dick and Damian, and the mere notion of a lost Garden of Death makes me happy. If you haven’t guessed, I’m really enjoying this comic book.

Criminal: The Sinners #5
This is the thing about Criminal: it’s really good but it’s hardcore and just a little depressing, even if it’s inevitable. Everything comes together, and Lawless does what he can to stand by his word and doing the right thing, but there is violence and pain and resolution. Another excellent final chapter from Brubaker and Phillips.

Ex Machina #48
The art by Tony Harris has been excellent on this series, and the first half of this book is equally top notch, but then the art seems to degenerate, perhaps to reflect the emotional state of Mitchell Hundred as he finds out that his mother is dead, but it is still rather jarring. Brian K Vaughan has written a great story, with a great central character, good dialogue and good plotting. I can’t wait for the final issue.

Powers #3
Although I like Mike Avon Oeming’s art, this issue is mostly left to him to illustrate a pissed-off superwoman trying to kill her daughter who is in a car with Walker and his partner – there’s not much dialogue and the action is confusing and rather ugly compared with normal. The issue isn’t helped by a deus ex machina – Billy Mace (from Walker’s days in the Flying Eagles, a flashback to which is the best part of this book) knocks the head off the crazed would-be killer. Not one of the best issues of Powers I’ve read.

The Unwritten #11
Tommy is Logos – the word made flesh (according to Lizzie) – he can only be hurt in stories, he meets (and heals) the novel Jud Süss, and they return to normality three months after they were last there, a few days before the publication of the new Tommy Taylor novel. This is a rip-roaring issue of The Unwritten, with the only difference to normal being the inking on Peter Gross’ art – the finishes by Jimmy Broxton make his art look a bit more like normal comic book art, without that nice thick line he usually applies. Apart from that, really good stuff and leaving things on edge for the next issue.

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