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Another Comics Round-up

More comic reviews? What is this – some sort of comics blog?

In my preferred reading order:

PVP #0
I really enjoy PVP – the artwork, the humour and the pop culture referencing all appeal to me in a variety of ways. This PVP sampler is a strange collection of different strips from the vast archives, giving a flavour of what to expect if you go to the site or pick up the comic book. The story at the end, explaining why a troll exists in the world of a computer magazine, is the reason I picked up the book – like the previous Dork Storm-published PVP, it was the new material in the non-strip format that gives Scott a chance to stretch his wings and tell a complete story. Reason enough to pick what is essentially an advert for the PVP comic book.

Stupid Comics #3
I think I first dug the artistic styling of Jim Mahfood in the first Clerks comic books. There’s a funky cartoonish quality to the linework that I enjoyed, so I looked out for his other work. Hence picking up Stupid Comics, a collection of his work for magazines. The first two were amusing, if not astounding. This latest collection is very uneven. His targets are admirable, if repetitive and a little obvious, which might work in monthly magazines, but appear devoid of creativity read together. Some of the strips seemed like they’ve been knocked out in a few moments, which seems a bit insulting to his audience. Maybe I just like the way he draws himself because it reminds me of the way I look, but I don’t know if it will be enough to bring me back for more.

Gotham Central #34
Now, this is the real deal. This is good comics. Batman defending himself against a cop, taking her gun, the Teen Titans showing up to confirm it’s not Robin, Robin himself telling the same to Stacy on the roof, even the humour of Starfire turning up at the precinct and the effect she has on people, including Maggie Sawyer and Renee, this is a great example of why I buy comics. Kano seems to be coming into his own, not trying to ape Lark anymore, making this a complete package. Comic of the week for me.

The Intimates #10
Joe Casey’s Wildcats was a brilliant take on the modern superhero team, which was why I thought I would get The Intimates, as well as feeling that I was helping out a title that was probably going to get low sales (I think it’s a British empathy for the underdog or something, I’m not sure.) Now, after 10 issues, I think I can say that it is a good book (although not on top form for the ‘summer vacation’ storyline in my opinion) that is done well, although I prefer Camuncoli to Iwahashi and D’Amda, but is not for me. I’m not sure if this a great explanation but it’s something I’ve been thinking about (and will probably blog about shortly) regarding whether a piece of art is good or not and whether I enjoy or it or not, irrespective of its quality, and I think that The Intimates, while possessing good moments and ideas, does not speak to me as a reader, which is either a deficiency on my part or something else entirely.

I’m beginning to waffle (which is the point a blog, I know, but still …), which is a good sign to stop. More next time.

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