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Marvel & Image solicitations

Is it really a year since the first Ultimate annuals? Are they special anymore, or just money-grabbing opportunities (or is that stating the obvious when it comes to Marvel)? I must rest my weary cynicism detector.

Reading the Marvel solicits is slightly tiring; if it isn’t a tie-in to the massive Civil War crossover, then it’s probably a new comic that nobody really wants (Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files? Claws? Heroes for Hire?), or a bizarre collection (Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends? Marvel Milestones: Chris Claremont & Jim Lee – X-Men & The Starjammers Part 1 [reprinting Uncanny X-Men #275]?). It’s exhausting.

Things I like – the title of the latest Runaways arc, ‘Dead Means Dead’ is funny; the cover for She-Hulk #11, even if it is by Greg Horn; the cover for Astonishing X-Men #16 (image on top left) speaks to my inner geek; the funny cover to Exiles #85; the title of the Nextwave hardcover collection, ‘This Is What They Want’; that they are reprinting the Untold Tales of Spider-Man, even if the prices don’t correlate (8 issues of 99 cents should be less than $19.99, shouldn’t it?).

Is it me, or does the line ‘Do NOT miss out on this issue!’ for Wolverine: Origins #5 just scream of desperation? Wouldn’t it be simpler to put, ‘PLEASE BUY ME! PLEASE!’?

Wow, I couldn’t even summon the energy for excessive Marvel mockery; it’s more depressing than I thought. If you love huge crossovers that make you buy books you don’t buy, then make yours Marvel this month. Otherwise, move along, nothing to see here …


Image solicitations for August

There’s not usually enough Image interest to do an entire post, so here are just a few mentions because the Marvel books were so uninspiring.

Special mention for fanboy pleasing to the cover of Bomb Queen vs Blacklight (one-shot). Why not just go straight to Eros for your porn comics, hmm?

Talking of which, there’s the Liberty Meadows T-shirt (image on top right): Frank Cho certainly knows his audience …

Top Cow again produce another thumping collection – the first 50 issues of Tomb Raider for $49.99. I don’t know why they are doing it, but good luck to them for the sheer madness of it.

Although Image try to get away from the, well, image of young men drawing hot chicks they masturbate to, we will always have reminders, such as Best of Dave Finch TP, with all the nipple-pointing, short skirt for no reason, pouting action you could want.

As I can find nothing else to point out, I should include my obligatory heads up on Fell, which is very good indeed. But you already knew that.

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