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No comics, no film, no such thing as bad publicity, no more Ninth Art

A wedding in Wales on the weekend means that I couldn’t get to the comic shop to buy the huge number of books waiting for me. It also meant that I couldn’t get to see X-Men 3, a film I obviously want to see due to my formative years as a fan of the Claremont mutants, even if Brett Ratner at the helm doesn’t film me with anticipation. A handful of fellow bloggers saw the film, but I can’t read their posts yet, as my geekiness won’t allow for spoilers.


The big news to hit is the Batwoman story. Looking over somebody’s shoulder at The Metro, the free newspaper found at tube and rail stations, I could see it was on their page 3, where they put a comedy news item, so that was rather typical. When it appears as an item on the BBC website, you know it’s real. (The BBC item is rather well written, and shows someone did their homework, rather than dismissing it.) Personally, I don’t know what the big fuss is, but maybe that’s because I’m not a huge DC fan (in both senses of the phrase). Anything that gets a bit of news for comics is always good, even if it sounds silly. As long as the stories are good, the attention-grabbing tactics can be ignored. We shall wait and see.


Unfortunately, there is sad news today; Ninth Art have announced they will be closing shop after five years of producing quality articles about all aspects of the comic book world. Intelligent, well written, funny and informative, my Mondays will be less for not seeing new content from the people at Ninth Art, who were articulate, thoughtful, amusing and passionate about comics.


Finally, from the Comic Foundry blog, CulturePulp preps you for the difference between X-Men the books and the films [EDIT: dead link].

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