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Comic Book Shop Update: A Place In Space (Central London)

I’m not timely on this blog, but I try to be complete. So think of this blog post as a tweak to a previous post, but with little in the way of actual information.

In my compiling of the comic book shops of London, the third in my list was Comicana in central London. I didn’t have much to say about the shop because it was small and I hadn’t visited it very often. Recently (I don’t know exactly when), the shop changed hands because it has a new name but little else different.

As you can see from the photograph, the shop is now called A Place In Space. What I can’t find out is if this shop is connected to A Place In Space in Croydon (which I talked about in a post about comic book shops in Croydon) – there is nothing about it on the Croydon shop’s Facebook page, and my Google fu is weak in discovering any information.

The shop is essentially the same as the previous shop, except that it’s brighter inside now and there are fewer posters and toys in the windows. Apart from that, the only difference is the banner on the front of the shop over the previous boarding (if you look closer, you can see URL for the old shop below the banner – NB: the URL doesn’t work now). At the time of taking the photo, there was a man who was sizing up the front of the shop for the owner, obviously to repair the wood at the bottom, so I guess there will be a new sign up soon.

My apologies for the lack of actual knowledge in this post. I just wanted to keep my files up to date, so to speak.

[EDIT: Update to the update: this shop no longer exists here. The Croydon shop is still going as of writing.]


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  1. Anonymous

    Happy to confirm your suspicions are correct; this store is now owned by the same team as is behind A Place In Space in Croydon.

    A loyal APIS customer and Marvel Fanman

  2. David Norman

    Thank you for the confirmation of my suspicions, loyal APIS customer and Marvel Fanman. If you ask, the internet will provide …

  3. Anonymous

    As an update this shop is now closed, due to the landlord not renewing the lease.
    The shop as now moving to 83 Mortimer Street (near Oxford Street). I don't know when that store opens (if it has not already done so).

  4. David Norman

    Thanks for the update. I read something about it on Bleeding Cool, so I was waiting until the store opening was announced before popping along to check them out.

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