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A silly story to pick to return to blogging

Clandestine who?

The short version of why I haven’t posted anything lately: looking for a flat in London is fucking difficult, draining me of any energy; then I got a new job in the field I want to be, but have to work hard to keep; then there was Christmas.

I know I’m useless, you know I’m useless, so let’s just move on. I’ve got ideas I want to write about, just have to find the time. The plan is to write for myself, and not worry about the audience until I earn one. However, I just want to write well and regularly, that’s all. Let’s see how it goes.

So, you’ve probably seen the story about the new Wolverine book that Marvel will be fleecing fans for. I’m an X-Men fan from my spotty adolescence, so it piques my interest, even moreso when I see that Steven Dillon will be drawing Logan. I’m not going to buy it, mind you, I’m just curious.

I’m put off by Daniel Way as author, as I haven’t enjoyed anything he’s written personally. But, it got me to thinking about the nature of these announcements, who is writing and drawing, and why they are chosen.

I think Marvel (and DC to an extent) has tapped into the desire to have ‘proper’ creative teams on their big launches, which are inevitably based on either major characters (like this Wolvie book) or derivations (like Young Avengers). Fanboys want the stuff they know, and people like myself want the creators we admire, as I find them more reliable than any particular character.

So, the announcement had to be about the character first, before they announce the creative team. And you have to have a big creative team these days, or it won’t be noticed – why look at ‘regular’ writers when you have best-selling authors, television writers or film directors writing your books? But Daniel Way isn’t a huge writer, even if Marvel are pushing him as one of their Ten Terrific Tit-tastic Top Types (or whatever the stupid title was). No offence, Dan.

So, why was Dan given this book? Because the premise is sufficent in itself, perhaps? I never read Origins, but that sold well enough, didn’t it? Also, big names come in to do their thing, not follow the dictates of the editors (Way was ‘offered’ the job). Also, this book seems to involve research and interaction with other writers and editors, which sounds like the job description of a working writer, rather than a big name with a single story to tell. Hence, Daniel Way is on a big title, with the bizarre choice of Steve Dillon (who I think is great but is not the first choice for an action title like Wolverine) as artist.

So, no reason at all to be interested in this book, unless you really believe that there are any interesting stories in the origin of Logan. And here I am writing about it.

And you wonder why I haven’t been writing much …

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