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I first saw Terry Dodson’s art on two early Warren Ellis mini-series for Marvel – Storm, and Pryde and Wisdom. His soft, curvy and beautiful characters have an instant appeal, and he can also tell a story. His art has a similarity to Adam Hughes – the gorgeous female characters are a hallmark – but there is more of the…

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I mentioned the fact I would be talking about the artists I enjoy, so here is the first part of the preliminary rounds – the artists I dig but who are just outside the Top 5 list of my all-time favourite artists. In alphabetical order, here are the first six in the category of Cool Artists: John CassasdayFor his Planetary…

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Wow, work just came out of nowhere and bit me in the arse. Bastard. How am I supposed to blog if I have to earn a living? So, first some linkblogging, then some thoughts on artists. Scott at Polite Dissent is back [EDIT: not completely]. Seems there was a problem with his hosting service, which has been sorted. Good news.…

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